AOTW- 10 things we know about the brain

1. exercise boots brain power- now i know why my brain is always forgetting everything but there still are people who are very smart and never exercise i suppose its just relative.
2. your brain is a survival organ- saying that the brain is meant to solve problems is obvious but its supposed to help us survive in the wilderness again i suppose that’s mostly an instinct and since wee live in a very comfortable period of time and we barely have to use that instinct its very likely that our instincts are very underused
3. every brain is wired different – since we have different genes and unique DNA this i very believable
4. we don’t pay attention to boring things – i believe we all know this one boring things just aren’t worth our time.
5. repeat to remember- if you just repeat that phone number in your head a hundred times or more your bound to remember.
6. remember to repeat – vice versa
7. If you sleep well you think well – 8 hours of rest everybody we all know that when we’ve slept a long nice amount of time everything seems to be more clearer
8. Stressed brains don’t learn the same way- didn’t know this one and whats surprising is that the brain is built to handle stress only for about 30 seconds….WOW
9. It’s important to stimulate more senses – isnt it fun to think things through more like why can you see orange and just think orange and how you smell cookies and just automatically know cookies and if you smell more you can remember it for up to 20 years
10.Vision trumps all other senses- The next time you see something beautiful and are glad to you saw it be happy that you actually can see.

Who are Prometheus and Gaea

Why did Ayn Rand rename her characters Prometheus and Gaea?

Prometheus-In Greek mythology Prometheus was a titan, the titan who created mankind and for his beloved creation stole fire from Zeus(lord of the sky and god of gods)and sent it to mankind. Zeus punished him severely for this and punished mankind.

Gaea-In Greek mythology Gaea is the Greek goddess (or titan) of the earth. She had made everything the earth, the gods, the goddesses with herself and Cronos. She is the mother of Uranus( heaven).

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Flowers for Algernon – Charlie Gordon’s Perspective-Letter to Parents (befor my operashion)

Charlie Gordons perspective-Letter to Parents (Before operashion)
der mom an dad
i hav ben wunderin for a wile but i want to knw were u r i kina mis bein wth u an i want sumone to luv me not lik th dokters but as parents how r u now r u oka an hows evrythin wthout me al the doktors r nic to me but at nite dey start yelin an i dont lik yelin wen dey start i cant slep its very hard i hav drems at nite bout u an dey sem lik memuries frm wen i was wth u dad alwas drank sumthin and thn he left but mom said he died and i dont knw wat to belive its very werd so now tht u knw im her and fin plese rite bak (p.s. dey mite chose me to hav an operashun to becom smarter i hop dey chose me)